Our Clients Speak Enthusiastically Of A "Seamless" Transition


ICS is ready to offer you the benefit of its knowledge and expertise to help you in improving the efficiency of your trailer operation.  Our team will provide you with the experience, technology and software required to meet your objectives.  

We make suggestions for streamlining processes to increase productivity and efficiency based on our knowledge of your industry.

OMNI~View™ has been installed in these Industries: Trailer Rental, Sales and Leasing and Transportation.

Let us show you how we've assisted some of our existing clients;

When we paid our first visit to Tom Steinmetz, Director of Logistics at Morken Transport Services, Tom was looking for a computerized trailer marketing system that would control trailer inventory and replace his assortment of inefficient and overlapping manual systems including notebooks, binders, racks, cards, boards and spreadsheets.  Listen to Tom tell how installation of  OMNI~View™ TMS revolutionized the way he does business.

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During the development of OMNI~View™ TMS, we worked closely with Gailfus Trailer Marketing in Rogers, MN to insure that our finished product measured up to the full promise of a Total Trailer Marketing solution.  During our initial meeting, we learned that Gailfus had already invested in a custom program for trailer marketing that ended up being too complicated to use.  His first program was only used to print leases while he continued to rely on a mixture of spreadsheets, tub files, white boards, driver forms, manila folders etc to manage all of the other elements of his trailer business.  Dick tells how implementation of OMNI~View™ TMS completely overcame his skepticism about the existence of an "easy-to-use"  electronic solution for trailer marketing.     

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With knowledge and experience in trailer rental, sales and marketing, ICS understands your challenges and can assist you in identifying problems and delivering effective, user-friendly solutions to those problems at a reasonable cost.

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