"OMNI~View™ more that lives up to its claim as an efficiency tool for trailer marketing.

--Richard Gailfus, President

  • Streamlined Processes
  • Enhanced Speed, Accuracy, Quality
  • One Button, One Click Operations Planning Tool
  • Integrated Lease Generation and Dispatch
  • Area Views Interface - Equipment Locations "At A Glance"
  • Trailer Assignments Interface - Select From A List of Available Units

Area Views

Trailer Assignments
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Equipment Locations -  "At A Glance" Select From Available Inventory Sorted By Requested Specs

Recent OMNI~View™ TMS deployment in Rogers, MN increased client’s control of assets and streamlined front and back office processes related to trailer marketing.  GTM had already made an investment in an electronic trailer marketing solution when we began our discussions.  But, their first program did not come close to achieving the full potential of an integrated solution for trailer marketing.  The system was complicated and difficult to use.  In the end, they salvaged their investment as best they could by using it to print leases.  They continued to perform other tasks using an assortment of manual systems:  folders to maintain purchase and title records, a white board to schedule orders, a spreadsheet to manage inventory, another set of folders to track maintenance expenses, work sheets to document transportation services for billing.

On one occasion, the Office and Rental Managers saved updates to different instances of the trailer inventory spreadsheet without discovering it for several weeks.  Entries got out of synch.  It took endless hours to re-create an accurate set of data.

From the very beginning, we were told that the rental team was not computer literate.  In fact, there was real skepticism about whether a TMS computer system would be beneficial at GTM especially in light of their first experience.

Within two weeks of introducing OMNI~View™, it replaced four manual systems including:  the white board, spreadsheet, maintenance folders, and driver logs.  In addition, billing was automated, improving accuracy and cash flow.

The once skeptical owner of the company agreed that it was easy to find the equipment clients needed while they were still on the phone.  He began performing cycle inventories on a weekly basis eliminating lost billing.  And, he divided his trailer parking area into parking areas improving equipment control.    

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