Our Clients Speak Enthusiastically Of A "Seamless" Transition

We provide comprehensive and systematic evaluations of current systems and tackle complex, multi-faceted customization projects successfully with speed and efficiency.

Providing a solution that exactly meets the clients needs is the most important step of any IT initiative. And, that is where ICS distinguishes itself from the competition. Our success begins with our initial, detailed evaluation and analysis of the initiative from the perspective of trailer rental, sales and leasing experts.  We draw on over twenty years of industry operating experience.
    Whether we:
  • Deploy the application "off the shelf"
  • Ship a version with light customization
  • Ship a version with extensive customization including new modules and heavy integration with new and/or legacy computing systems

    ...we deliver effective solutions that are easy and intuitive to use!
IT Provider installation and configuration. You work directly with program developers and deployment specialists. Our staff has years of experience in running trailer rental, sales and leasing operation.  We will assist you in setting up the software so that it mirrors your operation.

All maintenance tables are user configurable so that "off the shelf" deployments can be accomplished in days (not weeks).

In addition, we will assist you in migrating data (equipment, customer, drivers, rates and leases) from you current system to the new system.  Together, we can eliminate much of the painstaking work related to a conversion.

With larger implementations, ICS does extensive review and testing of each system to guarantee client satisfaction prior to system start up. This minimizes the risk of unforeseen errors between host and automation interfaces, provides a clear understanding of system performance, and streamlines the actual transition from current manual and computerized systems to the new solution.

In many cases, implementations can be phased-in, function by function, or department by department to further eliminate risk.

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