"OMNI~ViewTM TMS has allowed us to raise service quality and reduce clerical costs.  Every single aspect of this system has exceeded our expectations."

--Tom Steinmetz,
Director of Logistics

Morken Companies is proud of its history as a value-oriented, family business.  Over the years, they relied on manual systems and processes to run their operation.  As Morken Companies grew, they became interested in a more powerful Trailer Marketing solution.    Without sacrificing any of the values that had long contributed to their success, they implemented OMNI~View™ and began to reap the benefits of integration and organization in every aspect of their business. 


Old system below:

New system on the right:


  • Rack and card inventory system

  • Dry Erase WIPE-OUT Day Runner Board
  • Mead Spiral 200 wide rule 10 1/2 X 8 Inch
  • Standard 3 Ring Binder With Red Cover
  • Handwritten Driver Logs
  • Hand Typewritten Leases
The opportunities for streamlining processes were significant.  We installed OMNI~View™ TMS on an office PC that was already in place without expensive upgrades, loaded MSDE (a free download from Microsoft for up to five (5) workstations) on a peer to peer network and began enjoying the benefits of our computerized system immediately.  
  • Instant Data Storage and Retrieval
  • Granular Inventory Control
  • Integrated Processes - Order Entry, Trailer Assignment, Dispatch, Maintenance, Billing
  • Computer Generated Leases
  • Area Views For Company and Customer Sites to the level of Facility, Area and Location 
  • Automated Billing for Rental and Additional Services


Important Financial Benefits:
  • Eliminated Lost Sales

  • Eliminated Lost Equipment

  • Eliminated Billing Errors

  • Improved Customer Service

  • Reduced Clerical Overhead

  • Improved Cash Flow


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