Service Options Include Analysis, Consultation and Software Implementations 

We provide comprehensive and systematic evaluations of current systems and tackle complex, multi-faceted customization projects successfully with speed and efficiency.

Our trailer marketing experts will assist you in achieving higher service quality and lower costs in your rental and leasing operation:
Trailer Marketing operations represent complex, dynamic, capital-intensive environments. For most trailer marketing firms, the information and data needed for effective management is stored in multiple and myriad spreadsheet and paper files devoted to managing discrete elements of the trailer marketing business.  Orders, Inventory, Dispatch and Maintenance records are often stored in different departments.  Sharing information is a challenge.  The potential for errors, lost sales and lost revenue is high.  Much clerical effort is needed to generate professional-looking leases and accurate invoices.  Clearly, a more organized and flexible approach to trailer marketing is needed.

At ICS, you can access a range of service options. Each is tailored and implemented to your specific requirements. Each is designed to bring order out of chaos and add efficiency to your current trailer marketing system.

Program Design & Consultation:
ICS is ready to offer you the benefit of its experience and expertise in setting up and effectively managing your trailer marketing operation.  Our team will provide you with the experience, technology and approach needed to achieve your objectives.  We make suggestions for streamlining processes to increase productivity and efficiency based on our knowledge of your industry.

Software Initiative - Design and Implementation:
With this option, ICS will provide you with the management expertise, software and customized programming to implement a fully integrated, state-of-the art trailer marketing system.   

We begin our field work with an evaluation and analysis of your current trailer marketing system.  If you employ a manual system - cards, white board, or magnetic board - we assist you with a transition plan and work to configure our software so it mirrors your operation. Trailer Types, Sub-types, Customers, Vendors, Drivers, Areas, Rates etc. are all tailored to reflect the way you currently do business

We conclude with training designed to instruct "key operators" on how to use the system to achieve the maximum benefit.  Our skilled support staff is available to coach users during the start-up period.  By helping local operators become self-sufficient in training and day to day administration, we significantly reduce your expenses for software and system support. 

Regardless of the service option selected, you can be assured that the transition from your existing program to the new service will be well-planned, staffed and serviced to eliminate disruption to your current program.

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