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Whether Your Trailer Marketing Operation Has One Branch or Many, You Can Benefit From North America's Best Trailer Marketing System 

Real-time Solutions:
Real-time visibility and control of all elements of Trailer Marketing are available from any PC on the network.  Take full control of your Trailer Marketing System.  

Accurate real-time equipment inventories with reliable equipment status and location are prerequisites for maximizing asset utilization.  With spreadsheets or manual paper and "white board" systems, equipment inventories are always out of date.  And, unless you talk to the rental manager or walk down to his/her office, it is hard to know what is available.  With OMNI~View™, you plan and make decisions based on real-time information. In addition, current and historical transactional information on customers, leases, dispatches and/or vehicle maintenance is just a mouse click away.

Systems Integration: 
With OMNI~View™, all of the elements of Trailer Marketing are integrated so that by assigning a trailer or vehicle to an order, the equipment status changes automatically from Available (AVL) to Planned (PLN).  This also creates an Order that is available for Dispatch.  Assign a driver to the Order, and the Order status automatically changes to Scheduled (SCD) awaiting Dispatch.  As soon as the Order is Dispatched, the equipment status changes to Leased (LSE) and is no longer counted as a planned asset.  At the same time, the Billing record for equipment delivery is put in a pending billing file and a Billing event for equipment rental or lease is initiated.  The system keeps track of all pending charges and prompts the user to generate invoices on a pre-set schedule.  Throughout this process, all groups and departments in the organization know what is available, what is out, to whom, for how long etc.  You will no longer need to rummage through folders, tubs files, or driver logs to find out what happened etc.  OMNI~View™ puts all of this information and more at at your fingertips.    

Share a single location for data:
Enterprise members can go to a single database to store and retrieve information about assets, customers, leases, dispatches, invoices and current equipment locations.

Performance Measurements:  
Use the system to measure asset utilization by type or sub-type, measure maintenance costs or driver productivity and per vehicle earnings.  Our report module is designed to let you know where you stand with the click of a mouse.  Identify bottlenecks, and then take action to remove obstacles and reward production.

With computerized data storage and retrieval, lost equipment and lost revenue incidents are eliminated.  It is easy to perform cycle inventories in your yard or against customer lease contracts.  Let the automated trailer assignment screen assist you employ First In/First Out (FIFO) rules to keep equipment turning.  Use OMNI~View
™ 's integrated maintenance system to schedule equipment for preventive maintenance and/or DOT inspections.  Use the Dispatch screen to assign jobs.  Access to data in an organized fashion insures that your daily plan will be efficient.

Customers, Vendors, and Branches can access the database from anywhere using a Secure Remote Internet Connection.  Data security is at the level of tables and fields within a table so that user's can only see data that is appropriate and relevant for their eyes.  Any kind of data can be made available including rental and lease activity, available equipment, open invoices etc.  If you choose, your Website can be linked to available equipment by type or cost center for display for customers or other branches.

Enhance security and control by maintaining a computerized electronic sign-in sheet for visitors with personal property warehoused on storage trailers at your site.  Also, log the tractor number and driver name of the customer representative picking up or dropping off trailers at your site.  Optional signature capture technology is available.

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