OMNI~ViewTM Detailed Features
System Set-Up 
Managers tailor OMNI~ViewTM TMS to mirror their operations by selecting only those trailer attributes they want to control.  If unchecked in the global suppression table, this attribute does not appear in the trailer sub-type or grid column lists.  This feature streamlines administration.
Managers configure trailer sub-types by selecting attributes in the registration, basic info, dimensions, chassis, and body groups for each trailer sub-type they wish to control.  For example, your company may rent several van sub-types including dry vans, electronics vans, warehouse vans and furniture vans.  This utility permits each organization to be as granular as they wish in storing, displaying and retrieving trailer sub-type data.  Attributes not included in the sub-type configuration do not display in the Trailer Add form.
Managers and users create values that mirror their operations and make selections from drop-down boxes to insure uniformity.  This table driven solution eliminates duplicate values for the same attribute and results in optimum performance with find and filter activities.
List maintenance is made easy with a maintenance utility accessible from many points in the program.  Once the list name is selected, the user can enter the new item and description in a form that is consistent with existing values without creating duplicates.
Templates are used to speed data entry tasks especially where large amounts of data are repeated in records.  Templates are easy to create, modify and delete.  Trailer Add Template, Customer Rate Template etc.
Personal Set-Up
User preferences are saved in the database by user name.  Sign on and see your familiar screen layout from any workstation on the network.
Turn Drag and Drop on and group records by one or many criteria by dragging column headers to the Group Box in the preferred sort order.
Select Columns, Column Order and Column Width.  Each employee can organize his or her screens to mirror their responsibilities and work flow. Preferences are stored in the database so personalized screens are displayed no matter where you sign on from. 
Turn gridlines on or off depending on your preferences.
If a customer requests multiple trailers, the user can simply specify the number of units needed and the requisite number of orders are created.
Trailer assignments can be made before or after entering the order entry screen.  If an order is created without a trailer, anyone in your organization can access the trailer assignment screen downstream and assign trailers by selecting from a list.  The list is sorted so that trailers meeting the customers requirements exactly are displayed on top.  When an assignment is made, the asset's status is changed from available to planned.  To un-plan a unit, the unit is simply unassigned making it available again.
Information Access
Drill down to trailer attribute detail from the Inventory Screen without clutter.  Data groups include Registration, Basic Information, Chassis, Body, Tires and Maintenance.  Specific information for each selected asset is displayed.
Select Area Views and get an instant display of the location of all of the equipment related to a specific Company or Facility.  Locations can be taken down to the Area and Location level of granularity where the location is a discrete parking location.
Select and display equipment with specific user-defined accessories or double-click on an asset record in the grid and see all of the accessories possessed by that unit.
Find:  Use whole or partial strings to search on data displayed in the grid to locate assets.  Search strings can be parts of a license plate number, vehicle identification number or any other value displayed in the grid.
Filter:  Use one or many selection criteria in the Inventory Control screen to display all assets meeting the stated criteria.  Filters can be progressive by adding selection keys before clearing the screen.
Sort:  Click on the Column Header of any Column and sort in ascending order for these values, click again and sort descending.

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