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At ICS, we pride ourselves on combining technical proficiency,  and industry knowledge with a sensitivity to software design that makes our products intuitive and easy to use.

Performance and Visibility
OMNI~View™ TMS leverages the familiar Windows interface to manage sales, inventory, trailer assignment, lease generation, dispatch, billing, maintenance and four-tier equipment location.  All of the data required for successful trailer marketing can be retrieved with a mouse click.  Simple maintenance screens permit the administrator to configure the system easily (including assets, customers, vendors, drivers, areas, sub-types, lists and items) to mirror your current system. Area Views provides a snapshot of the location and status of all assets at any moment in time. Stakeholders in the Enterprise have appropriate access to this data from their networked PCs.

OMNI~View™ TMS offers a variety of interfaces for In-Vehicle data collection including radio frequency (RF), Cellular, and Satellite technologies enabling real-time communication between drivers and managers.  Equipment check-in and check-out can be performed using electronic Trailer Inspection Reports (TIRs) that can be connected to the database in real time or batch.

Plan and Adapt
OMNI~View™ TMS co-ordinates all of the aspects of Trailer Marketing.  Log current or future orders, dynamically assign trailers using First In/First Out (FIFO) rules from available equipment, assign drivers, print and execute leases and automatically generate billing for drayage and rental.  System accommodates additional and miscellaneous charges invoiced together or separately with rental and leasing invoices.  Make decisions based on current, complete information.

OMNI~View™ TMS logs current and future pick-up and delivery work in a dispatch that displays the most current jobs on top.  Assign drivers to moves and track by order number.  The days of missing billing opportunities due to incomplete or illegible driver paperwork will be over.

Trailer Marketing System
OMNI~View™ TMS is a single application that can be deployed as a Stand-alone system or be integrated with new or existing database systems.  Designed to integrate with popular accounting software packages including Peachtree, Quickbooks and Great Plains, we offer the total, end-to-end solution for Trailer Marketing Systems.   

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