Host The Solution On Your LAN or Hire Us To Host The Database 

At ICS, we pride ourselves on combining technical proficiency, and industry knowledge with a sensitivity to software design that makes our products intuitive and easy to use.  In addition, we support our products with creative server alternatives that can save you money.

Internet Based Solution
Our flexible programs permit you to outsource your database management or manage DBA with your own local or corporate resources. Let ICS host your database. This solution gives you all of the features and functionality of a local installation without the expense of a server, server OS and database software. With this option, your initial cost is limited to providing PC's with a dedicated Internet connection. We do everything else:

  • Provide Server, Server OS, Database Software, Back-end TMS Software
  • Provide database management including data storage and maintenance
  • Protect against obsolescence by guaranteeing the latest versions
  • Provide run-time client applications to run on your PCs
Our Application Service Provider (ASP) version allows you and your customers to access our sophisticated TMS program 24 hours a day from anywhere on the globe. Each database is configured for your unique and specific needs. Your tailored program reflects your business, your facility layout, equipment, drivers, needs etc.

Local Solution
ICS can also deploy
OMNI~View™ TMS for your peer to peer or local area network (LAN). Our database product is developed in SQL and is suitable for a range of applications from small offices with one or two workstations to networks supporting hundreds of users.

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