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Real-Time Information And More Efficient Processes

The OMNI~View™ Trailer Marketing System provides an integrated solution for all of the front and back office activities required for success in Trailer Marketing.  Data related to Inventory, Sales, Trailer Assignment, Lease Printing, Dispatch, Billing and Maintenance are all warehoused in one database.  Easy access to current information puts you back in control of your business.     

Enjoy the power of real-time information regarding assets, sales, dispatch, billing, and maintenance in one program:
Our trailer marketing software increases visibility and access to all of the information required for success in Trailer Marketing.  By supporting a modular approach to workflow, our software allows your firm to break its processes down by department or group to mirror your current business organization.  Base decisions on current information.  Access history with a couple of mouse clicks.  Effectively share real-time data across your Enterprise.

Eliminate bottlenecks, reduce paperwork, and improve the overall productivity and efficiency of your trailer marketing operation:
OMNI~View™ TMS is designed to control all of the activities related to trailer marketing.  All elements are integrated starting with a detailed inventory of your fleet, a list of your customers, vendors and drivers, and related tables of rates and equipment storage locations.  We automate all of your business processes including Order Entry, Trailer Assignment, Lease Printing, Dispatch and Billing.  Never lose equipment.  Never lose sales.  And, never lose revenue.  With OMNI~View™ TMS, a new level of order and organization is available for your business.

Use as a stand-alone computerized system or integrate with existing legacy systems:
Our software combines automation, integration, decision support and expert systems to minimize user input and maximize system output.  OMNI~View™ is an operating system that can be used on a stand-alone basis or be integrated with legacy systems to achieve the total solution you are looking for.  Clients migrating from manual and spreadsheet systems will frequently find an "off-the-shelf" version of OMNI~View™ to be a complete Trailer Marketing solution.  Our user-defined tables permit the client to tailor the software to meet their specific requirements.  Other clients may need customizations to the software (requires programming) to meet their specific needs.  In either case, you will find our organization well-positioned to deliver the product that meets your specific needs.

Designed by experts with over twenty years of experience in trailer rental, sales and leasing:  
We bring valuable industry knowledge and experience to the TMS design process.  Our product not only reflects our understanding of the industry, it incorporates the latest database programming development tools.

We assist you in selecting the right modules and technologies to deliver the full promise of TMS without jeopardizing your budget:
ICS understands your challenges and can assist you in identifying problems and delivering effective, user-friendly solutions that mirror real processes and work-flows in the Trailer Marketing business environment.  Further strengthening our product offering is the fact that our development team has a proven track record of successful systems integration projects involving inter and intra-company data exchange.

Scalable to accommodate small operations or corporate networks supporting hundreds of users:
Omni~View™ has been installed at Trailer Rental, Sales and Leasing Companies in the United States.  Our smallest client purchased a system supporting three users.  The system can scale to support over 40 Local and Wide Area PCs.

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