Software Initiatives That Pay For Themselves

OMNI~ViewTM  Trailer Marketing System is an integrated software management program developed explicitly for companies engaged in the business of trailer sales, rental and leasing.  

Whether you select OMNI~View™ TMS "off-the-shelf" or choose a customized integrated business solution that exactly meets your needs, we are confident that the benefits of ownership will far out-weight the acquisition costs.  Let us assist you with the cost-benefit analysis.  You'll see that the argument to move forward is compelling!

OMNI~View™ TMS supports multiple pathways for information sharing with business partners including customer, vendors and sister branches.  Our system permits your staff to answer customer inquiries immediately without leaving the phone so clerical time is not squandered on research.  By employing automation, integration, decision support and "smart systems", we'll help you leverage your core competencies for greater profit.

Our products will positively affect your business's bottom line. Increase operational efficiencies and position your company for competitive gain.  We know that your investment in our products will reap long lasting benefits.  

With less fixed corporate overhead, ICS has the ability to speed solutions to you that meet your specific needs. You can depend on our blend of industry knowledge, experience and technical expertise to recommend the right solution, with the right technology and functionality to meet your requirements.

Pricing options include sale, lease purchase, and transactional pricing approaches based on trailer inventory or lease activity. We will assist you in evaluating the financial benefits of using our system.

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