Effective User-Friendly Software Designs That Enhance Productivity

At ICS, we pride ourselves on combining technical proficiency, and industry knowledge with a sensitivity to software design that makes our  products intuitive and easy to use. Nowhere is this more true than with our Trailer Marketing solution.

ICS develops its products to be configurable and scalable to meet its clients needs in a range of applications from small business organizations to companies with multiple branches and locations.  We support local and ASP hosting solutions. Our products are written using the latest Microsoft development tools.

User Interface: The Inventory Control screen forms the the heart of the Trailer Marketing System supporting the user with a powerful console that facilitates data storage and retrieval.  Quick~Views gives the user instant access to data about each asset within the following info groups:  Dimensions, Registration, Chassis, Body, Tires, and Maintenance.  The Accessory Panel can be used to Find assets with a specific Accessory or Group of Accessories needed to meet a customer order or be used to "see" Accessories belonging to a specific asset.  The Inventory Grid supports filter, search and sort capability and can be configured to assist each user succeed in their individual roles within the organization.  The Customer Apron can be expanded to display Customer and Equipment Location data or collapsed to conserve space on the desktop for the Inventory Grid.  Function buttons on the form facilitate Find, Filter, and Sort capability and link the user directly to the Order Entry and Asset Edit Screens.

Navigation:  Our program supports easy navigation.  "Go To" Command buttons take the user from the current form to the following seven operating screens:  Inventory, Select Order, New Order, Assign Trailers, View Leases, Print Leases, Dispatch, Dispatch History, and Area Views or navigate to the following seven maintenance screens:  Customers, Vendors, Drivers, Area, Subtypes, Lists, Items no matter where you are in the program. 

Powerful built-in query and reporting capabilities: By building advanced filter/sort and print/preview capabilities into our forms, we provide users with effective Adhoc reporting tools. Tight integration with MS Office permits easy export into Excel and Word for analysis and publication.

Area Views:  Use the Area View screen to organize assets in your yard.  This powerful organizing tool permits users to create discrete parking spaces for trailers or containers with Front and Back locations or location Levels within an equipment stack.  Views are filtered hierarchically by Company, Facility, Area and Location so the current location and status of each asset or group of assets is just a mouse click away.

User-defined tables:  Permit clients to tailor their installations of Omni~View™ to reflect their business, facilities, yards, resources, processes, and systems.  Users achieve mastery with less training by using familiar labels and layouts. Incorporate all of Omni~View™'s productivity features to unleash the program's full power of automation, integration, connectivity, decision support and expert systems.

In-vehicle Data Collection:
ICS understands the value and importance of utilizing radio frequency (RF), cellular, and/or satellite technologies to enable efficient, real-time mobile data collection. Our products are designed to provide the highest level of performance when using these technologies.  We provide our clients with complete integration and support of a wide range of products in association with our strategic partner, Peak Technologies.

ICS will act in a consulting role to assist you with selection of the right hardware for your  installation.  The ultimate responsibility for on-site network and hardware support rests with the customer.  And, while our software system is robust and scalable, the hardware requirements for most applications are modest.

We support LAN and WAN solutions.  Using new Internet-based, thin client and Local Area Network connections, your branches, customers and business partners can access current and historical information in flexible formats on their time-table.

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