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ICS's Trailer Marketing System (TMS) support program is a comprehensive program that provides troubleshooting 24/7.


On-Site Training - designed to prepare facility management to effectively administer and use all of
OMNI~View™'s functions and modules. Our training covers system set-up and installation and includes a complete set of documentation for future reference. We transfer the knowledge of our products to site champions so they can administer and support the program day to day, and train new or transferred employees.

Trailer Marketing System Overview:  OMNI~View™overview teaches how to use the Trailer Marketing System to manage all processes and elements involved in trailer marketing.  It provides an overview of the product, how to configure the basic features, and how to use the primary TMS functions. After covering the basic terms and concepts, we focus on system configuration including establishing equipment types and sub-types and selecting trailer attributes for each sub-type that the site desires to control. After asset configuration, we put the program through its paces including adding equipment, customer, vendor and driver information, and customer rate and lease information.  The product is shipped with pre-configured user-defined tables.  Before we go live, we review table settings and information and make changes to reflect your company's operation.  We also set up Area Views to reflect your yard layouts and labels.

Skills and Knowledge Gained: Basic familiarity with Trailer Marketing System terms and concepts, TMS features, functions, and configuration options. Prerequisites:  A basic understanding of trailer marketing concepts and familiarity with the Windows environment.

Training key personnel: Training regimens are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. During installation, setup and deployment, we focus on training key personnel. Our trainers use the system in an operating environment every day.


On-site support
- an ICS representative can come to the customer site. During start up, on-site support is provided as needed until the client has sufficient system knowledge to provide front-level support and training. ICS offers ongoing 24X7 support by phone once on-site support is complete.

Our products are available with support agreements. ICS's Customer Service Department administers these agreements.

We repair all defects discovered in the software that prevent the program from operating in accordance with the system's documentation at no charge. Purchase Orders are required for issues that fall outside of these requirements or extend to areas that are not supported in our agreement.  In the case of unsupported 3rd party equipment, the client is responsible for contacting the appropriate vendor for support and resolution.

Telephone support - A call to our help center results in an immediate response. We resolve your issues in the shortest amount of time possible utilizing resources around the clock if necessary.

E-Mail Support - We make it easy for clients to report bugs by e-mail. Software fixes that grow out of normal post-installation development and testing are distributed via e-mail or as downloads from our FTP site.

Secure Remote Access - we can use Timbuktu and/or SQL Enterprise Manager to troubleshoot issues that are brought to our attention. We can make back-end changes to the system from Afton, MN or St Paul, MN and post updates to the client software via our FTP site.  By remotely linking to your system with a safe, secure Internet connection, we can immediately take control of your database to troubleshoot critical issues.  With remote access, we become more responsive than if we had offices across the street.

ICS - 421 Stagecoach Trail So - Afton, MN 55001 - Phone: 651-300-1604 - FAX: 651-464-2340 e-mail: info@incisivecomputing.com

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